Is it Time to Start Your Own Practice?

Many physicians, dentists and veterinarians hit a point in their personal and professional lives when work life becomes strained,  or isnt going in a direction that works for you. How do you know when it’s time to leave your current position and go out of your own?

Should I Stay or Should I Go, Now? If I Go, There Could Be Trouble, But If I Stay It Could Be Double.” – The Clash

Do you dread going into the office (more than usual, anyway)? Is there a conflict of personalities that is making it very uncomfortable to be your best? Are the terms of your contract or renewal total crap and you can make more and have a better quality of life on your own? Are you on fire to be the difference you want to see in healthcare and save people’s lives? If your answer is YES, then I think it is time to really look at the numbers and consider your options.


Are you going to be starting a new business or is this an established practice? Are you going to create your own partnership and recruit others to join you? How do you foresee this new venture making your business more effective? How much do you think this will cost, and how much will it make you? Do you have a back-up plan and an exit strategy?

You could benefit from MBA Business Planning with Laura.  Laura helps you develop a business plan that will significantly improve the likelihood of your success, and is typically required to secure a commercial loan.

Whether you are just starting out, need to redirect or feel like you’ve lost your mojo, Laura will help you define a clear path forward.  Marketing plans, financial projections, targets, one year pro-formas, exit planning, and accountability coaching support services are available priced per project.



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